Infant & Child Product Recalls

Keeping tabs on what products you use for your child that have recalls could be a full-time job! There are many websites with quick product recall finders that makes it a bit easier. This is a bb 玩具 great way to ensure safety, but it may be impossible to check each and every product you use.

The most effective way that I’ve found to maintain with recalls is to simply complete any and all product registration cards that may be offered with your purchases. Now I know that this might be somewhat time consuming, but once shipped in, the company will inform you of any issues with that product.

I am writing this article because of personal reasons and not just because I am in the baby retail business. I passed an ExerSaucer to my relative for her 4 month old little one. A few weeks later, being a busy Mom, my relative had left her daughter unattended with the toy for a moment. Upon her return, she found her daughter gasping for inhale. In a panic, she learned that the baby was choking on a piece of plastic film that had come off from one of the toys that she was stroking on. My relative quickly finger scooped the plastic from her tonsils and all was fine, Thank God! Much to my chagrin, When i found out that this toy was remembered for this exact problem. Had I completed and shipped in my registration, I would have been alerted about the recall. Therefore because of my carelessness, I compromised not only the safety of my children but that of my cousin’s child as well.

Most major recalls are well publicized, but there is a lot of remembered products still being used in every household. Utilizing these product registration/warranty cards can help reduce this. Before you buy a used baby item from a garage sale or accept a hand me down, Please take the time to check it for a recall. I know many people complain that the US has become “recall happy” and I realize why. However, if being careful help keep your children safe, then it’s worth all of the efforts in the world!